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SVR Summer Track Series Starts June 13 6pm, Handley High School track, Winchester, VA. This is a great opportunity to try track work, especially if you’ve never had the chance. All runners are welcome and beginners that means you too! We’ve scheduled six to eight weeks but this will be extended to mid or end of August depending on turnout. SVR is picking up the cost of this so there is no charge.

Here’s the description from Coach Bowles.
Participants warm up either as a group or on their own starting at around 6:00 p.m. and the workout starts at 6:30 p.m. Workouts are scheduled for SVR members; non-members are welcome to come try a workout but should join the SVR if they want to come regularly.

Workouts are timed and may include continuous threshold runs, interval workouts, or sprint workouts.  There may be a few different options each week depending on participants goals, race schedule, etc.  Most workouts will be short and intense, generally up to about 3 miles (not counting warm up and cool down). Questions? Contact Coach Bowles at

And some information about Coach Bowles:  Coach Bowles has both an undergrad and graduate degree in exercise science as well as the USATF Level 2 coaching certification.  In undergrad he worked with Mark Nemish (Washington Capitols) and Dave Mikel (NFL Europe) learning various strength training techniques and in grad school did nutrition research until working on biomechanics studies the final year.  After competing in cross country and track at George Mason University he has also coached two successful high school teams at Clarke County and Handley High Schools which have included individual and team state champions and All-American’s.


The running clinic on April 11 with Dr. Mark Cucuzella was great. We had a strong turnout  for Dr. Mark’s talk. More than 50 people listened, practiced, and tried to squat, balance, breath, stand up straight (harder than it sounds!) and learn more about running more joyously without quite so much shoe. Dr. Mark sent an email with lots of links, videos, books, and events. Go to this link for all the details!


Thanks to everyone for another awesome Winter Series!  You guys rock!  Winter Series Points standings have been posted on RSU. Click the link to review and let us know NLT Wednesday 3/9/16 if you see any errors.  Also Winter Series Perfect Attendance is available.  Again please let us know if you see any errors.  Looking forward to seeing you all at the Banquet Sunday March 20, 2016 @ Millwood Banquet Hall.  Doors open at 4:30, please bring a dish to share!

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SVR Statement about Headphones, Strollers, Dogs at Our Races
Shenandoah Valley Runners promotes health and fitness through running by sponsoring more than 30 races each year. It is important to us that our races are safe and fair.
In order to have our races, we need the insurance provided by our parent club, the Road Runners of America. After lengthy discussions, the SVR Board has decided to follow the RRCA recommendations that strongly advise against allowing strollers, dogs and headphones at races.
Unlike running alone with a stroller or headphones, races often involve hundreds of runners. They run on unfamiliar roads open to traffic with road hazards such as potholes, loose gravel, blind turns, distracted drivers, narrow shoulders, and given that this is the Shenandoah Valley, major hills.
While SVR tries to make our race courses as safe as possible through good course management, marshaling, and marking, we believe that runners have a responsibility for their own safety and the safety of the runners around them by paying attention and running without distractions such as headphones.
We are a community of runners. We try to have the safest races possible. We hope that runners will come to our races for the camaraderie, competition, and fun, but we ask that runners please leave their strollers, dogs and headphones at home.


Our Mission

SVR’s mission is to promote and encourage running, including the fostering of amateur competition and the education of the community on the benefit of physical fitness and sports, regardless of age, gender or physical condition. To accomplish its mission, SVR holds races and social runs, awards scholarships, sponsors speakers and coordinates with other agencies advocating running, jogging,or walking as a means of physical fitness.