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The Shenandoah Valley Runner newsletter “Steppin’ Out” is published four times a year, bringing news, results, announcements, race flyers, and running related articles to SVR members in the Shenandoah Valley and beyond. “Steppin’ Out” is being sent out electronically to members. Members need to submit their email addresses to the membership chairman Dave Black at If you have a problem receiving the email newsletter, please contact Dave; however, all other questions should be directed to editor Colleen Snyder at

SVR members may submit articles, race reports, or other news to the editor for inclusion, and race directors may request that their race flyers be included in the newsletter by contacting the Colleen Snyder at or 540-636-7785. Photos from races are particularly welcome. If you have any questions about the newsletter, inclusion in the newsletter, or suggestions for things to cover in the newsletter, please contact Colleen Snyder. (Inclusion of any material is at the discretion of the editor.)

Race Directors: Please contact the editor as soon as you decide you would like to have your race flyer in the newsletter so that arrangements can be made to obtain the race flyer via an electronic file. It is the responsibility of the race director to be aware of the deadline schedule listed below so that a race can be included in the newsletter in a timely manner.

Newsletter Schedule

Target Publication Date Submission Date
Feb. 1 Jan. 25
May 1 Apr. 25
Aug. 1 July 25
Nov. 1 Oct. 25